The Baby Boom 1940-1960

The baby boom generation is the people born between the year 1940 and 1960. The boom began shortly after soldiers returned home from WWII and resettled into their families. This generation of people is known to be the largest yet in our nations history. During the most productive years of the baby boom an “infant was born every seven seconds a total of 4,308,000 that year” (643). I hope to learn about what were the causes and the life style of the people during the baby boom, that lead up to the effects it had on later generations.

I am using this site that talks about the life and causes of the baby boom from 1940 to 1960. ( It is written by Denis Stacey a baby boomer. Denis defines a baby boomer as “a person born between 1946 and 1964 in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia. In the years following World War II.” It has been estimated that during the baby boom a total of 76 million babies were born. The baby boom was due to the sudden relief of pressure that came with World War II and the end of The Depression. Families were beginning to reunite and begin a new generation. I believe that the site I used for this paragraph is trust worthy because Denis, the writer is a baby boomer himself and has dedicated him self to the research of the baby boom generation.

When I found this web site I decided to use it because it has information about the life styles of the baby boomers parent’s and their generation. ( A lot of the baby boomers parent’s participated in the GI Bill. The GI Bill gave them an opportunity to begin their education and buy homes. The GI Bill influenced the American Dream, people wanted to move to safe areas with their wives and maintain a healthy family, beginning the development of suburbs. Families in the suburbs became so popular that, “it was common that the young wives of virtually entire suburban neighborhoods were pregnant at the same time.” Leading to the baby boom generation. I think that this website is trust worthy because it came up several times while looking for information.

So many children being born at once had to have some effects on society. So, I used this website ( to address the effects that baby boomers and their parents had growing together. “Studies show that the impacts brought about by the society where baby boomers grew up contributes a lot in reshaping the society. They never think like their parents… It is a fact that the life was accompanied by postwar transformations changing the American society. The ideas about sexuality, gender, and family were altered profoundly. Likewise, parenthood changed, old age and retirement was redefined, and labor forces were transformed.” The quote talks about the social change that so many people brought to a new era. Together the baby boomers redefined what seemed to be old fashion forms of thinking for future generations. Although baby boomers greatly contributed to the shift of society, they also suffered consequences of an over populated generation. While growing up baby boomers were placed in over crowded high schools and elementary schools, and as they grew older their was more competition for middle class jobs. I do think that this website is reliable because a lot of the information provided is similar to the info in the other two websites.

Overall the baby boom generation is the largest generation of people to date. The factors included to producing such a highly populated generation was the end of the war and the wanting to fulfill the American Dream. People wanted to have a family after being in battle and suffering through poverty, and finally they had a chance to do so after the war. Baby boomers shaped the generation of today leading to new forms of thinking and questioning everything. I think that my search was effective enough to cover the curiosity I had about baby boomers.

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